Tapas to begin with

Crispy Shrimps

Cereals, fresh avocado salad and passion fruit syrup

Papas Bravas

Deep fried potato dices with spicy sauce

Empanaditas (4 units)

Knife cut meat stuffed puff pastry

Croquettes (4 units)

Chicken and herbs with Tartar sauce

Stuffed gratin mushrooms

Spinach, bacon, ricotta cheese, rissole potatoes and green peppers

Dumplings (3 units)

Glazed pork, with peanuts, lemon and red onion dressing  or

Pink salmon, chives, bittersweet sauce and fresh salad with green leaves, mint and coriander 

Picoteo del recuerdo

Herbs bruschetta and homemade paté

“Grace Morici”sauteed eggplants with breaded beef

Mushrooms and red pepper pickle on rice croute


Shrimps and white fish Ceviche

Passion fruit, fresh avocado cream, crispy salad,  cancha corn

Six Spoons

Panko shrimps, cognac and citrics butter, coriander(2)

Grilled octopus, apple and celery purée, arugula, radish and sesame(2)

Pink salmon, blue cheese cream, on confit potatoes(2)

Octopus and baby squids

Grilled with red peppers, red onions, avocado, black olives, “Ana” potatoes with garlic and paprika dressing

Crispy sweetbreads

 Cabutia pumpkin purée, sautée corn and citric reduction of honey  soy and port.

White fish Tempura

Palmettos, celery and green apple salad. Homemade pickles, parsley and green jalapeño peppers dressing (tartar sauce style)

Our style of mini pizza 

 Thin and crispy.  Selection of cheeses, confit cherry tomatoes, red onion, fresh arugula and black olives with thym and garlic.

Pink Salmon Tartare

Marinated in teriyaki, lime and Dijon mustard. With avocado and toasted sesame.



Green leaves, avocado, red onion, cherry tomatoes, crispy chicken and mollet egg


Arugula, pears, blue cheese, roasted tomatoes with mustard and almond dressing

Main Courses


Seafood (shrimps, baby squids and Spanish octopus), red curry and a thread of cream 

Pink Salmon

Oriental style sauté with vegetables and mushrooms on philo croute.  Stewed beetroot with malbec and fresh basil chiffonade

White Fish

Corn, red peppers and chives soufflé. Mussels, shrimps fumé, roasted tomatoes  with salted caramelized nuts
Our Homemade Pasta of the day

Short Ribs (400gr)

5 hours of slow cooking with potatoes, red peppers, green onions and rosemary seasoned tomatoes sautéed

Rib-eye Steak

Rustic crispy potato with bacon and parsley powder, eggplant and red pepper pickles, green leaves mix

Grilled skirt steak

Broken potatoes, roasted onions, chorizo. Green leaves with cherry tomatoes and our Caesar style dressing with chimichurri 

Grilled pork

Crispy sweet potatoes, classic coleslaw and our BBQ style dark sauce


Chocolate marquise

Almonds praliné, strawberries, red fruits coulis

 White chocolate and passion fruit mousse

Vanilla tuil and glazed tangerines

 “Dulce de leche” Vulcano (25 minutes)

“Freddo” vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce

 Citrus Semifreddo

Lime, grapefruit, oranges, lemon and strawberries with mint syrup

Chocolate Vulcano (25 minutes)

Freddo ice cream and dulce de leche sauce

Apples and pears roll  (20 minutes)

Philo, vanilla ice cream and homemade granola

 Crème brûlée trilogy

Vanilla, pears, orange with ginger

“Freddo” Ice cream selection

Vanilla, chocolate, dulce de leche