Bourgeois Mornings Bohemian Evenings    

Fresh seasonal fruits 

Fruits mix

Cereals, Granola, corn flakes, chocolate, oatmeal.

Home made pastry from our kitchen 
Croissants, chocolate brownie

Cold cuts 
Cheese, natural ham and prosciutto

Plain, Strawberries, vanilla, Light 

Dry Fruits 
Almonds, nuts, hazelnuts, raisins. 


Juices and natural shakes 
Orange, grapefrut, banana & Strawberries 

Expresso and american coffe, infusions 

Hot plates from our kitchen 

Eggs of your choice 
Scrumbled, poached or fried, Accompained with sausage, bacon or potatoes 

Omelletes of your choice , 
Ham, cheese, egg whites, fresh herbs, mushrooms & tomatoes 

Red berries. Whipped cream, milk caramel, chocolate 

French toast , 
Red berries, cinnamon & cream 

Grilled Ham & Cheese sándwich

Ham and cheese glazed croissant (2 units)