Salads & Sandwiches

C= Suitable for celiac V= Suitable for vegetarians

V C Capresse salad Bo-Bo

stripped Tomato, Mozzarella, balsamic vinaigrette and dried fruits

V C Mediterranean Salad

greens, vegetables, toasted bread, escalibadas Camembert Cheese, Egg poached and dressing of shallots.

Club Sandwich

Chicken, Tomato, Bacon, Egg and mayonnaise 2 pieces


tuna, capers, black olives, celery and mayonnaise

V Veggie roll

fresh vegetables, grilled cheese, watercress and tomatoes dry

roasted Classic

Cooked Ham, Cheese and butter


C= Suitable for celiac V= Suitable for vegetarians

V C Papas Bravas

Fried potato cubes and mayonnaise with garlic and paprika

C Roll roast chicken

creamy puree of spinach, and escabeche of eggplants.

5 Units 3 Units

C shrimp, bacon and green onion

sautéed oriental style

Egg Rolls (4 units)

of meat cut with a knife

C Tortilla Española

dried tomatoes, and pesto green

Croquettes (4 units)

of chicken and herbs with Tartar Sauce

C Duo of skewers

* Chicken, red pepper and bacon

* BONDIOLA, apple and sweet potatoes with spicy sauce.

C Mini cake of loin

bacon, mushrooms and sauce.

Our Special Dishes

suitable for celiac C= V= Suitable for vegetarians